How to Prioritize When Cleaning Your Office Building

clean office building lobby

It’s ideal to clean every inch of your office from top to bottom on a regular schedule, but the sheer size of a commercial building makes that a little hard to accomplish. Setting priorities for the various areas in the building, designating tasks to different teams, and sticking to the right cleaning schedule will keep the entire building clean without the need for any deep cleaning marathons by the professionals.

Target Sensitive Areas

Regardless of what type of office you’re running, there are a few private areas in common to all facilities that deserve the most attention. The list begins with toilets, which obviously pose a health hazard if they’re not kept up to standards, followed by any kitchens, break rooms and other public gathering areas for employees. Aside from these areas that are both prone to getting dirty and particularly important to keep clean, target the entrance and exit areas, then the most important work areas next. This may be conference rooms for some offices and cubicle areas for others. Following that, offices and internal processing areas, storage spaces, and then unused spaces follow in the importance of cleaning.

Consider the Public

Of course, any reception areas, retail outlets, and other areas where the public interacts with your company must be kept spotless and welcoming as well. Prioritize these areas with the bathrooms and kitchens of the private areas so that your customers get the right impression when walking in. Even if you’re not usually entertaining traffic that walks in from the street, guests, and visitors dropping in to see employees should still have a good experience to associate with your office building. This extends to the parking lot areas and other external zones that need the occasional sweeping and pressure washing.

Call in Help

Even the smallest office buildings can take hours to clean thoroughly. While not every room needs a top to bottom cleaning every day, there’s still enough work in just a five person office to keep one employee fully engaged in cleaning. Hiring a professional cleaning crew instead of adding someone to the payroll is the easiest way to stay on top of office cleaning chores. Simply hand over your list of prioritized areas, set a schedule for how often they’ll visit, and watch as everything around you stays perfectly clean based on how long it takes to get dirty again. There’s no need to spend your time or designate an employee who could be doing a whole lot more, just to keep the bathrooms clean, and the floors mopped.

Rotate the Tasks

Don’t forget that cleaning tasks can change dramatically based on the season, especially if you have foot traffic in and out of your building on a regular basis. Mud, slush, road salts, and other debris tracked into the building in the winter, and early spring can damage your floors, so extra cleaning is a good idea. Conversely, you may not need as much cleaning if you only have half the staff working for a few weeks in the summer. Adjust your cleaning schedule as necessary to keep up with demand.

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