Office Cleaning Services NYC

Office Cleaning Services NYC

If you have a cleaning problem, United Unlimited Cleaning is happy to provide the solution. We offer a huge variety of office cleaning services NYC businesses need that are sure to fit the bill for your business too. Whether you want to set up a regular cleaning schedule of your NYC office, or a clean up after an event, we’ve got you covered. At United Unlimited, we work for a range of different companies with big and small offices. We are here to take the issue of cleaning your office away from your business. We have already built up a large portfolio of happy clients who love using our office cleaning services in NYC. Could you be next?

What We Offer

At United Unlimited we will do our best to match individual requests. We know that there are many cleaning businesses out there that treat office cleaning jobs as a cookie cutter service. The same service is offered to every company, no matter what their individual requirements. At United Unlimited, we understand this is not what our clients want. They want the cleanup service they use to know exactly what they need and provide a service that matches.

You will be able to decide how often you want to use our cleaning service. You can set up a biweekly, weekly or monthly janitorial cleaning service. Or, you can just use our cleanup crew as a one off. We know that a lot of clients are eager to hire a cleanup crew after a renovation. Once a renovation is complete, your office should look stunning. Often, there is too much mess and rubbish left around to get that effect. That’s why our service could be exactly what you need for your company. We pride ourselves on offering the best office cleaning services NYC businesses require.

We are aware that offices are laid out differently. In one office there might be carpeted flooring, while in another it might be laminate. For laminate flooring, you need to make sure it is polished until it shines. If you have carpet in your office, it needs to be vacuumed to get rid of the dust, ensuring it is clean and clear. This is just one example of how we change our cleaning service to match the client.

Other services we offer include, trash pickup and disposal and window cleaning. You will be able to choose which services you want, creating a cleaning job to suit your office.

The cost of your NYC office cleanup will depend on what services you need and how often you need them. We aim to ensure that our services are market competitive and budget-friendly for big and small businesses in NYC. It is our goal to ensure that all companies can afford a quality cleaning solution when, and if they need it. This is one of the reasons why we do our best to shape the cleaning service around the individual client.

One Less Job To Worry About

We know that when a business hires another company for a certain job, there are worries. You may wonder whether you can trust them to provide a quality service. You consider if they will follow your instructions, or if they have the correct licenses for the job in question.

At United Unlimted Cleaning, we will not rest until the job is completed to the client’s satisfaction. We understand the concerns you may have and we aim to dispel them completely. You can trust us to deliver a service to the highest possible quality. We know there are other cleaning services available in NYC, available for your office. United Unlimited strives to be the best by considering precisely what our clients need and want.

We understand that you may wish to provide specialized cleaning instructions. In the past, some business owners have wanted us to avoid cleaning certain areas. This might be because that particular area contains sensitive pieces of information. We will abide by instructions such as this to a letter, never disobeying an order. Our employees know that for our business, the customer is king. We will do everything we can to make sure you love our cleaning services

There may be certain times when clients have particular requests. You may need your office cleaned on a deadline, ready for a client to arrive. We are aware of these types of requirements, and we will aim to meet them. We know that business owners are often under immense pressure to complete countless different jobs. You do not want to add office cleaning to that long list for your business. You deserve the best office cleaning services NYC can provide.