How Office Cleaning Can Improve Workplace Productivity

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Maintaining a clean and tidy workspace provides a business with more than just enhanced aesthetics. Office cleaning also promotes organization and boosts productivity levels. According to a study regulated by HLW International LLP that consisted of 400 managers and employees, the productivity levels of employees were found to be greatly affected by the cleanliness of their office. In fact, the 100-person office (with an average salary of $25,000), experienced a productivity gain equal to $125,000 a year once the office had been adequately cleaned. If your employees are lagging, learn how commercial cleaning can kick-start your office productivity into high gear.

Reduce Sick Days

When dozens of employees work in a single office, it can seem like a battle to remain healthy. While one sick employee may not disrupt operations, several sick employees can put excess stress on healthy workers due to the added workload, often reducing the quality of work output. You can reduce employee absenteeism by keeping your office clean and healthy for your employees.

Maintain Organization

We all know the saying ‘Time is money’. When you spend time looking for an item due to disorganization, you’re essentially wasting time and money. In a professional environment, everything should have a place. This concept makes it easier for employees to find supplies and equipment without having to search.

Boost Morale

The state of an office can have a major impact on employee morale. When employee morale goes down, productivity is not far behind. Even employees who enjoy their jobs can become hindered when working in a cluttered or dingy environment. A clean, bright, and airy workspace fosters productivity and can affect how employees feel and behave in the office. These ‘feel good’ emotions are contagious, meaning the positive morale will spread through the office.

Cut Down on Toxins

When you clean an office yourself, or allow employees to do so, you’re likely not familiar with the cleaning products being used. Using chemical-heavy cleaning products can release toxins into the air that can be unhealthy for employees to breathe in day in and day out. Professional office cleaning companies know what cleaning products are safe to use in public environments, making them a safer and healthier option.

Limit Distractions

When your workspace is dirty and unorganized, distractions are everywhere. Dust building up on bookshelves, smudges on the windows, and stains on the carpeting can all attract our eyes to the messes around us. By eliminating these distractions, you’ll often find a boost in employee productivity as workers are better able to focus on the task at hand rather than an unkempt office.

Is a dusty, disorganized office hurting the productivity in your workplace? It’s easy to see how physical dirt, dust, and clutter can make it difficult for you and your employees to remain focused, take in new information, and manage stress levels. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution. If you want to achieve a more profitable, productive, and efficient workplace, you need to invest in a professional cleaning service. Contact United Unlimited cleaning services for a free estimate today.

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