Improving Your Office Space Can Better Your Business

improving office space

When it comes to buying more supportive chairs for your employees or investing in a better cleaning routine, you may think of these things as option niceties. However, when it comes to improving the very function of your business itself, they’re more like necessities. It’s been proven that companies with happier employees produce bigger returns for their shareholders, so investing in a better, cleaner, nicer office will pay off.

Reduce Clutter

Start by taking an inventory of what’s packed into your office spaces and what’s still necessary for the job performed. For example, many computer based employees are still stationed at desks cluttered with obsolete media readers and CDs full of information that has long been transferred to the cloud. A less cluttered office creates fewer accidents, offers a more inspiring mental image, and is easier to keep clean and therefore healthy with the help of commercial cleaning services. A clean office is a happy one.

Focus on Ergonomics

Buying all new work chairs and desks may stretch your company’s budget, but expect to see an immediate difference in productivity levels that will eventually pay you back for the investment. Poor ergonomics cost companies millions of dollars in worker’s compensation claims and increased health insurance use, so a few thousand dollars for some more comfortable equipment is a worthwhile investment for those kinds of long reaching savings.

Boost the Natural

Workers don’t perform better with classical music playing or an imaginary boss monitoring their computer use; they work better when surrounded by as many scenes of nature as possible. When you can’t add new windows or skylights, try hanging up large screens to display rotating images of invigorating mountain lakes and seashore scenes. Don’t forget about the invigoration offered by live plants that can thrive in low light environments. If you have large windows, open up the blinds and let natural sunlight enter!

Control Noise

It’s easy to spot when the office is getting a little grimy and needs a good cleaning, but aural debris can be even more distracting to an employee trying to get their work done before the deadline. Unwanted noise is all too common in the office thanks to loud computer fans, clicking keys, and chatting co-workers. If you can’t do anything to control the overall ambient noise levels, try issuing noise-canceling headphones to employees. When those who are bothered by noise can shut themselves off in a bubble of soothing white sound instead, they’ll get a lot more done and feel a lot happier while doing it.

Involve Everyone

A better office must be considered as such by everyone in the office, not just a few workers. Solicit requests and information about what’s most bothersome and what’s most wanted before making any changes. You might think everyone needs pinball machines and bean bags to be happy when they only want an extra visit from the cleaning crew in the middle of the week. Work with your employees to get the most out of every dollar you spend on improvements for the office.

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