Close the Deal with a Clean Workplace

people talking in a clean office

The old saying that a messy desk fosters creativity is a bad mindset for business. In fact, Businessweek published an article that revealed that 57% of workers judge a coworker based on the cleanliness of his desk. However, cleanliness in the workplace is more important than just improving what coworkers think of you. The cleanliness (or lack thereof) of a workplace has significate impacts on whether a client chooses to do business (or not) with you. If you want to close the deal, then first clean the office.

Clean workspaces indicate success

To a prospective client, a clean workplace says “We are accomplished and successful in life and at work.” On the other hand, a dirty or messy office sends the opposite message: “We are scattered, disorganized, and can’t even afford to hire a cleaning company.” No client wants to work with a business that is too scattered even to take out the trash.

Clean environments show concern for employees and clients

A clean environment reflects a certain level of concern for the wellbeing of others. Bathrooms and kitchens can be breeding grounds for germs. Between toilets, sinks, and fridge door handles, there are plenty of opportunities for cold and flu germs to linger. When a bathroom is regularly and properly cleaned, it keeps germs at bay, ensuring optimal health of all who visit the office. Potential clients notice this. One visit to a dirty bathroom may be enough for a client to run away and never return.

Clean workspaces reflect the integrity of the business

When a client sees that a business owner cares about the smallest details, he can see the integrity of the entire business. For instance, vacuuming in the front lobby is an obvious chore because everyone who enters will notice, but vacuuming behind and under desks is not immediately noticed. This attention to detail translates to potential clients as “I am honest in all my interactions, even if no one is there to notice. I do the right thing because it is the right thing to do.” Don’t take shortcuts on your cleaning.

A clean office illustrates company values

Not only does a clean office, boost productivity, but it also demonstrates company values. Clean offices promote a culture of good health, positive work environments, and concern for others. A dirty office sends a message of laziness, lack of concern for the wellbeing of others, and greed (because money is not allocated towards janitorial services). While “having a clean office” may not be on your company manifesto, it certainly says a lot about what the company does value.

Clean offices are more professional

If a potential client arrives for a meeting and trips over garbage, sits in a dirty chair, and smells overflowing trash bins, he may leave before he’s even heard the pitch. A dirty office certainly doesn’t come across as professional. On the other hand, a clean and tidy office, especially the reception area, signals to the client that this is a professional business.

If you’re ready to close the deal but your office isn’t up to par, contact us for a free estimate.

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