How to Prioritize When Cleaning Your Office Building

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It’s ideal to clean every inch of your office from top to bottom on a regular schedule, but the sheer size of a commercial building makes that a little hard to accomplish. Setting priorities for the various areas in the building, designating tasks to different teams, and sticking to the right cleaning schedule will keep the entire building clean without … Read More

Close the Deal with a Clean Workplace

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The old saying that a messy desk fosters creativity is a bad mindset for business. In fact, Businessweek published an article that revealed that 57% of workers judge a coworker based on the cleanliness of his desk. However, cleanliness in the workplace is more important than just improving what coworkers think of you. The cleanliness (or lack thereof) of a … Read More

How Hiring a Professional Office Cleaning Service Improves Employee Health

office cleaning improves employee health

Offices cleaned by professionals experience a multitude of benefits beyond pristine floors and empty trash bins; one of the biggest benefits of hiring a professional is that the health of employees is clearly improved when office buildings are routinely and professionally cleaned. Businesses that employ cleaning professionals experience improved mental health of employees, limited cold and flu exposure, and improved … Read More

5 Ways Professional Commercial Cleaning Provides a Safe Work Environment

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The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health estimates that businesses lose $170 billion each year due to workplace injuries and illnesses. While there are numerous benefits to cleaning services, it is beneficial to explore the following five ways in which professional commercial cleaning services provide a safe work environment. Cleaner, safer air to breathe It is relatively easy to … Read More

Improving Your Office Space Can Better Your Business

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When it comes to buying more supportive chairs for your employees or investing in a better cleaning routine, you may think of these things as option niceties. However, when it comes to improving the very function of your business itself, they’re more like necessities. It’s been proven that companies with happier employees produce bigger returns for their shareholders, so investing … Read More

6 Key Benefits in Hiring a Professional Medical Office Cleaning Service

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While both medical and non-medical offices require regular cleaning, medical offices demand a much stricter standard of cleanliness. The cleanliness of a medical office affects the health of both the office staff and the patients. Medical offices including hospitals, dentists, and urgent care centers that opt to hire a medical office cleaning company will experience six key benefits. Saves time … Read More

6 Ways Cleanliness Attracts Customers

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First impressions can make all the difference when attracting customers. Whether your business has a storefront along a busy street, it’s part of a strip mall, or it’s located in its own lot, the look of your store’s front windows provides valuable clues to your customers. Here’s how presenting a clean image attracts people, so they’ll walk into your store. … Read More

Why Clean Windows are So Important for Your Business

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First impressions count for businesses. A prospective customer will take stock of the appearance of a business and form an opinion about the establishment before he or she even walks through the front doors. If you own or operate a business, you want to make sure that the property is always making a positive impression, which entails making sure that … Read More

8 DIY Office Cleaning Hacks You Need to Implement Today

Office Cleaning Hacks and Tips

Between regular foot traffic and numerous community spaces like conference rooms and restrooms, the majority of professional buildings and offices employ a cleaning crew. Personal items such as computers, phones, and refrigerators are not usually part of the professional cleaners’ duties. As such, day-to-day cleaning is still necessary in order to maintain a productive and clean working environment. Even though … Read More

How Office Cleaning Can Improve Workplace Productivity

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Maintaining a clean and tidy workspace provides a business with more than just enhanced aesthetics. Office cleaning also promotes organization and boosts productivity levels. According to a study regulated by HLW International LLP that consisted of 400 managers and employees, the productivity levels of employees were found to be greatly affected by the cleanliness of their office. In fact, the … Read More