Who We Are

With over a decade of experience in the industry, we strive to earn your business – over and over again. With such trememdous competition in our field, we feel confident that not only will you praise our service; you will recommend us to others.

Our commitment extends beyond our customers. We pledge to operate with the highest regard for the environment, our employees and all those who work and live in the spaces we service.

We service you with a smile, and provide you with access to top management at all times.

In addition, our clients receive the best in customer service, as well as the best in cleaning services. We do not cut corners when it comes to the quality of our service. We use only industry standard or better equipment and cleaning supplies.

Our pricing is competitive, even though we guarantee higher quality cleaning and unparalled customer service. The fact that we industry standard or better supplies and our employees are thoroughly trained is what actually keeps our prices at a minimum.

About Dominick Acquista, Founder, President, CEO

Dominick Acquista has more than twenty years in the business arena, with vast experience and knowledge of market trends, sales, corporate development and marketing at United Unlimited Inc.

Mr. Acquista has distinguished himself as a business leader by working for two fortune 500 companies prior to establishing United Unlimited Inc. Acquista has a keen eye for cost effectiveness.

Acquista’s well honed business skills are an asset to United Unlimited and its clients.