8 DIY Office Cleaning Hacks You Need to Implement Today

Office Cleaning Hacks and Tips

Between regular foot traffic and numerous community spaces like conference rooms and restrooms, the majority of professional buildings and offices employ a cleaning crew. Personal items such as computers, phones, and refrigerators are not usually part of the professional cleaners’ duties. As such, day-to-day cleaning is still necessary in order to maintain a productive and clean working environment. Even though you are busy are work, these eight DIY cleaning hacks will help you clean quickly but efficiently in between professional office cleaning.

Use the contents of your gym bag to clean your keyboard

A keyboard, one of the most used pieces of office equipment, can also be one of the germiest. Aside from all the germs from simply touching the keys with dirty fingers, a keyboard can hide a scary amount of dust, debris, and crumbs (a hazard from those working lunches!) If you need a quick touchup for your keyboard first grab your blow dryer from your gym bag and gently blow out the crumbs. Then, take a cotton swab and wipe away any remnants.

Post-it notes to remove crumbs

Don’t have a gym bag? Simply use the sticky side of a Post-it note to grab crumbs from hard-to-reach crevices on your keyboard.

Screen time

Because harsh alcohol wipes can damage the screens on electronics, it’s best to try a different approach to cleaning your computer, phone, or tablet screens. Use a damp (not dripping) microfiber cloth to wipe down your screens. Use a second, dry cloth to dry the screens and remove streak marks. No special sprays or cleaners necessary!

Freshen the coffee pot

Sharing a community coffee pot isn’t always the most pleasant experience. Between burnt coffee and a pot that may or may not get rinsed every day, the office coffee pot could use some TLC. Fill the water reservoir with white distilled vinegar and press brew. Fill with fresh water, and repeat the process 2-3 times until it is thoroughly rinsed.

Cleaning the microwave

Chances are, the office microwave is even dirtier than the coffee pot. Most microwaves are filled with dried-on stains and tainted by unpleasant odors. Get out the jug of vinegar you used from the coffee pot hack and fill up a bowl. Microwave it for a minute, and the steam will help loosen the stains. Dip a clean microfiber cloth into the vinegar, and the interior will be much easier to wipe down.

Dust your air vents

Wrap a microfiber around a pencil or ruler before swiping it through the slots of your air vent.

Remove stains from your office chair

Spills and messes are inevitable, especially when you snack or eat lunch at your desk. To remove stains from your chair, make your own upholstery spray out of dish soap and peroxide.

Remove permanent marker stains from the whiteboard

It may be easy to accidentally grab the permanent marker instead of the dry erase marker, but it’s not so easy to remove those stains. Instead of spending money on an expensive cleaner, simply write over the permanent marker with the dry erase marker. Use a paper towel and wipe the board while the dry erase marker is still wet.

While the professional cleaning crew is responsible for the office vacuuming and bathroom cleaning, following these hacks guarantees you a quick way to tidy up your personal office belongings.

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