6 Key Benefits in Hiring a Professional Medical Office Cleaning Service

medical office cleaning

While both medical and non-medical offices require regular cleaning, medical offices demand a much stricter standard of cleanliness. The cleanliness of a medical office affects the health of both the office staff and the patients. Medical offices including hospitals, dentists, and urgent care centers that opt to hire a medical office cleaning company will experience six key benefits.

Saves time

Hiring a professional cleaning service allows the medical staff to stay focused on their daily tasks. Tasks such as sanitizing light switches, mopping floors, and emptying sharp containers can take a considerable amount of time; if a nurse or other medical staff must attend to these cleaning duties, then that is time s/he must spend away from a patient. Hiring professional medical cleaners allows the office to continue to work efficiently, thus maximizing the medical staff’s time.

Improves profitability of the medical office

Medical office cleaning services include both the medical and non-medical spaces of the office. A clean waiting room and entryway creates a good first impression for patients. As patients move from the waiting room to the back offices, they get a sense of how clean the entire facility is. A clean office helps secure referrals, which is the majority of how patients find new doctors. More referrals (and therefore more patients) make a medical practice more profitable.

Improved employee morale

Having a professionally cleaned office substantially boosts employee morale. In fact, studies show that a clean working environment is a more productive work environment. A survey conducted by Staples Advantage Canada revealed that 94% of workers feel more motivated to work in a clean environment. Not only do they feel more productive, but they feel that their work is of a higher caliber.

Healthier staff resulting in reduced call-outs

Due to the nature of medical offices where sick and contagious patients are regularly being seen, there is a significant risk for the spread of infectious diseases. However, because medical office cleaning companies use hospital-grade sanitizers and follow OSHA protocols, there is a reduction of germs which therefore reduces the risk of sick staff.

Improved patient recoveries

The CDC released a report that stated one in 25 patients acquire an infection from the hospital. Airborne particles can significantly impact a patient’s recovery. A reputable cleaning company will use HEPA vacuum filters which filter out dust and airborne allergens; these filters improve the quality of the air. Cleaner air creates a safer environment for any patient with an open wound or undergoing surgery.

Specialized service

Because medical cleaning services have comprehensive knowledge of a variety of medical offices, they can tailor fit a cleaning regimen for each type of medical office. For instance, a surgery center will require a much different set of requirements than a dental office. Regardless of what type of medical office is being cleaned, a medical cleaning company should follow OSHA protocols and understand HIPPA laws.

From blood-borne pathogens to cold and flu germs, a medical office is exposed to a wide variety of contaminants. Hiring a professional medical cleaning company will bring peace of mind to your staff and patients.

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