5 Ways Professional Commercial Cleaning Provides a Safe Work Environment

commercial cleaning improves workplace safety

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health estimates that businesses lose $170 billion each year due to workplace injuries and illnesses. While there are numerous benefits to cleaning services, it is beneficial to explore the following five ways in which professional commercial cleaning services provide a safe work environment.

Cleaner, safer air to breathe

It is relatively easy to keep your desk tidy; however, when was the last time you cleaned the air? A skilled professional cleaning service is going to vacuum the vents in your office, ensuring that the air you breathe is fresh and clean. Because dust can trigger allergies and asthma, getting those vents vacuumed by a cleaning service regularly reduces the risk of needing to see a doctor for respiratory irritations.

Clean offices provide healthier work environments

When a large business shares a restroom, it’s easy to fall into the mindset that “someone else will clean it.” It’s understandable; you’re not there to deep clean porcelain. You’re at work to… work. Once a professional cleaning crew regularly cleans your bathroom, you’ll see a shift in how little people get sick. Frequent, regularly cleanings ensures that the cold and flu germs that linger on doorknobs and faucet handles are eliminated. Beyond just the physical aesthetics of a clean office, commercial cleaning companies work hard to eliminate dangerous contaminants such as MRSA, C. diff, and cold and flu germs.

Safer walking environment

In a busy environment, it’s easy to overlook any debris that was dropped over the course of the day. However, material on the ground poses a tripping hazard. A cleaning crew can help eliminate any debris that has made its way to the floors during a busy day thus eliminating tripping hazards.

Regular cleaning of carpets also extends the life of a carpet. By caring for and cleaning your office carpets, the cleaning company prevents (or at least slows) the wear and tear. Because frayed carpets and loose strands can cause tripping, a commercial cleaning service provides a way to reduce frayed and worn carpets.

Less stress leads to safer work environments

Whether your work in an office or a warehouse, stress is unavoidable. However, through utilizing a professional commercial cleaning company businesses can lower stress levels in the workplace. Whether the manager is stressed trying to fulfill managerial duties as well as the cleaning, or if the messy workspace is affecting worker’s mental health, a dirty workplace can contribute to stress. Stressed employees are more at risk for workplace violence or office squabbles. By taking the cleaning responsibility away from the manager, stress is reduced for the manager. Creating a clean work environment reduces stress levels of employees. When stress levels are low, the workplace is a safer environment.

The right tools

You have the tools you need to do your job at work. Without a cleaning company, you are left struggling to figure out how to clean without the proper tools. For instance, standing on your office chair to clean a window is a potential hazard. Instead, leave the cleaning to the professionals and focus on what you do best.

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