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Commercial Cleaning Services in New York by United Unlimited

United Unlimited sets the standard for commercial cleaning services in NYC, including office cleaning and janitorial services. Contact us today for a free estimate.


Commercial Cleaning Services

If you’re running a business in New York City, you need to know that it is clean and properly maintained. A clean workplace will make it more comfortable for your employees. This will help them reach a higher level of efficiency and get more done throughout the day.

At United Unlimited Cleaning, we know the importance of keeping a clean work environment, for you and your employees. That’s why we offer a specialized commercial cleaning service. We will ensure that there are no issues in your office caused by dirt, or mess. We know that all businesses have different environments with different requirements. For instance, if you are working in a medical environment, you need a sterile workspace. And as it pertains to medical cleaning, we proudly work according to the JCC standards.

At United Unlimited Cleaning, we will ensure all of your needs are met before we have completed the job. We will not rest until your commercial property is completely spotless.

As a business owner, you should know that cleanliness is about more than just keeping employees safe and happy. You must make sure that your property is clean if you want potential clients to get a great first impression from your business. In business, appearances are everything. We know this, and that is why our cleaning standards are the highest in the industry.

We also offer post construction cleaning services.

Office Cleaning Services

Whether you have just held your end of year office party, or you are moving uptown, we are here for you. When you need your office cleaned, you do not want to leave the job to amateurs. You want an expert service, and that is what we provide. If you are relocating and you are currently renting your office, the biggest aim is to get that deposit back. If you clean the office yourself, you might miss important details such as mold from condensation around the windows. It could also be a costly decision. To get an office deposit back, you have got to make sure the office is spotless. We will do that job for you and ensure you get back the money you paid into the office. Your office will be cleaned to the highest possible standards and every detail will be taken care of.

You should not let the time and cost of the clean up stop you throwing a great office party in your building. Office parties are a crucial part of the work year to show your employees that your company is more than a business, it is a family. Allow us to take the role of clean up crew instead and you will not be disappointed. When you return to the office after the holiday, it will look brand new once more. Everything will be in its place and the floors will be free from any stains. It will be the perfect environment for a good dose of hard work. Our office cleaning services will complete the job in no time at all.

Janitorial Services

New York City is a thriving, urban center of business at its heart. Every day, millions of people head to the office for their nine to five-hour shift. Money is made, deals are secured, and a lot of effort is poured into every transaction.

With all their important commitments, your staff does not have time to make sure that your office is kept clean. We do, and we will work around your schedule. Using the United Unlimited Cleaning Janitorial service, you can guarantee your office is taken care of. Our janitors will work around your schedule and ensure they are there when you want them. That might mean the work is completed late at night when everyone else is out of the office. We understand that many business owners require this, and we can cater to that need with our matron and porter services.

With our service, you will also be able to choose how often you need the job completed. You might decide that you only need our cleaning service once a month, and that is perfectly fine. Or, you might prefer to have a more constant cleaning service. At United Unlimited Cleaning, you are the boss, and we will do everything to meet your needs.

You do not need to worry about the size or type of your business either. Here at United Unlimited, we cater to a variety of different clients. No job is too big, and no office is too small for our great team of staff, who will be at your beck and call.